Pre-accession economic program (PEP)

Pre-accession Economic Programme (PEP) is one of the most significant documents that a candidate country for the European Union membership prepares within the framework of multilateral fiscal surveillance.

The aim of the PEP is to determine an appropriate economic policy and structural reforms as well as to develop institutional and analytical capacities for participating in the multilateral surveillance procedures of Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). Therefore, the PEP elaborates in detail the direction of economic and structural policy of a candidate country in the forthcoming medium-term period.

Type Title Size
PDF 2012. Pre - accession Economic Programme 1.5 MB
PDF 2010. Pre - accession Economic Programme 1.12 MB
PDF 2009. Pre - accession Economic Programme 948.02 KB
PDF 2008. Pre - accession Economic Programme 932.27 KB
PDF 2007 Pre-accession Economic Programme 950.25 KB
PDF 2006 Pre-accession Economic Programme 1.04 MB
PDF 2005 Pre-accession Economic Programme 1.14 MB
PDF 2004 Pre-accession Economic Programme 1.11 MB