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15 April 2010 Kosor: EU admission is "goal of all goals" for Croatia
13 April 2010 World Bank Supports the Government of Croatia in Improving the Efficiency of the Croatian Justice System
30 March 2010 Memorandum of Agreement on the Annual Meeting signed between the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the EBRD
05 March 2010 Ministry: Budgetary revenues amount to HRK 16,1 bln, expenditures to 19,7 bln
25 February 2010 Finance Ministry says budget revenues practically at the same level as last year
17 February 2010 Finacial cooperation agreement signed between Croatian and German Government
16 February 2010 First HABOR credit auction to be held on Friday
09 February 2010 The opening ceremony for Twinning Light project “Further Strengthening and Enhancement of the Croatian Public Internal Financial Control” from program IPA 2007
13 January 2010 The World Bank Supports the Government of Croatia in Mitigating the Impact of the Global Crisis
31 December 2009 Kosor describes 2009. as most difficult year since war time
26 November 2009 Seminar on Public Internal Financial Control
23 November 2009 Government sends draft 2010 budget to parliament
20 November 2009 Finance Ministry proposes 2010 budget
30 October 2009 Third Regional Conference of Heads of Financial Intelligence Units
22 October 2009 Press Briefing on Use of EU Pre-Accession Aid Programmes
16 October 2009 Presentation of the twinning light project „Strengthening the administrative capacity for implementation of the own resources rules”
05 October 2009 Minister Šuker at the IMF and the World Bank Meeting
02 October 2009 Finmin: Negative budget trends mitigated by government measures
01 October 2009 Presentation of the new Public Internal Financial Control Development Strategy
18 September 2009 Economic and Fiscal Policy Guidelines for the period 2010-2012